What Ever Happened to Meek Mill?

We all know that Meek Mill took the biggest L in his music career in 2015. In case you somehow missed out on all of the action, we’ll give you a brief recap. Meek Mill released his album Dreams Worth More Than Money, and it received almost instant praise spending two weeks in the number one slot on the US Billboard 200. For the most part, people had nothing but love for Meek and his album, but this wasn’t enough.

Meek had many A-list features including Future, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and his current enemy, Drake. Drizzy, featured on the song “R.I.C.O.” failed to shout out Meek’s album on Twitter, and it’s safe to say Meek took it to heart.

Meek immediately went to Twitter to display his displeasure, and accused Drake of having a ghost writer. Shortly after, Drake took to the studio to send Meek Mill a warning message of sorts. “Charged Up” was the first track of the beef between the two, and if Meek had struck back immediately, he probably would have had a chance because it wasn’t that impressive of a track.

However, there were some issues between Meek and Funk Flex, sDrake-Meek-Mill-Career-RIPo we didn’t hear Meek’s track on the day that the world expected it to drop. So, Drake once again wasted no time – he jumped right back into the studio and recorded “Back to Back,” which many people know as the end of Meek’s career.

Meek eventually released his diss track, but by this point it was far too late. In fact, Meek’s response was so weak that people promptly took to social media to begin the roast of Robert Rihmeek Williams.

What has Robert been up to since then? Nobody knows! Meek went from on top of the world, to just rapper, in a few weeks. Although he has loyal fans, many turned on him, including locals of his city, Philly.

Meek didn’t let this get him down, though, and he used his defeat as motivation. He immediately started working on Dreamchasers 4, but in the meantime he released his 4/4 EPs, both of which were diss tapes directed at Drake. Meek came with heat. Most of the tracks are vicious, and the lyricism on the tape is lightyears better than his first diss track. It sounds a lot like the Meek Mill that we came to know and love. Had he released this initially Drake wouldn’t have stood a chance. Highlights from the two tapes are “Pray for Em” and “War Pain.” Although Meek filled the tapes with aggression, he did break down and get sentimental in the song “Slippin” featuring Future.

But here we are, almost a year later, and Meek still hasn’t let the beef go… Just yesterday he released a remix of French Montana’s “All the Way Up,” and it also has many shots aimed at the 6 God. Meek is clearly having a hard time letting go of the beef, but at this point nobody is even paying attention – especially not Drake who has experienced unprecedented success this year.

Meek is going to have to make peace with his defeat. Nevertheless, let it be known that Meek Mill is back, and Dreamchasers 4 will likely be a fire mixtape; however, the man is still hurt, and we can hear it in his music. Hopefully he will get over is soon and get back to making his music for the streets, and not centered around another grown man.




Zachary Currie

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