Wale releases single “Fish N’ Grits” ft. Travis Scott in Anticipation of Shine

Wale is finally gearing up to drop his highly anticipated album Shine. Today, he released the cover, tracklist and release date for his forthcoming LP plus his Travis Scott-assisted new single “Fish n Grits.”

Wale raps, “Yeah, Cartier, what your wrist doing?/In the Ace with my nigga whip/Real nigga in that will and rich/I ain’t stopping ’til a nigga fifty mil’/I ain’t tripping ’til a nigga hundred mil’/I ain’t tripping ’til I’m five hundred mil’/Funny, weighing on the money/But I’m buying ice to let all of these niggas chill.” Immediately after, Travis comes in, “Never ever gotta write a will/Niggas won’t beat me like Emmett Till/Niggas won’t bite me like Holyfield.”

The release date for Shine is currently set at May 5th. The 14 song track list is below and features some familiar singles like “Running Back” featuring Wayne and before that “My PYT,” which dropped last year.

Perhaps most important about this track is neither the amazing album that Wale is about to put out nor the Next level mixing of Travis Scott, but the clear reference to Emmett Till on the track. There is so much beauty in our genre but the repeated references that lighten the tragedy that was what happened to that young boy over 50 years ago have no place in it.

That being said, look at the track list below and take a listen to the new track.

01. Thank God
02. Running Back (ft. Lil Wayne)
03. Scarface Rozay Gotti
04. My Love (ft. Major Lazer, WizKid & Dua Lipa)
05. Fashion Week (ft. G-Eazy)
06. Colombia Heights (Te Llamo) (ft. J Balvin)
07. CC White
08. Mathematics
09. Fish n Grits (ft. Travis Scott)
10. Fine Girl (ft. Davido & Olamide)
11. Heaven on Earth (ft. Chris Brown)
12. My PYT
13. DNA
14. Smile (ft. Phil Adé & Zyla Moon)

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