VLONE Hosts Religious Themed Pop Up at Slam Jam

A$AP Bari took his label, VLONE, all the way to Milan to host a surprise pop up event at streetwear shop, Slam Jam. Following the success of pop up shops this summer during popular music tours, Bari took it a step further by transforming the shop itself. Using religious themed illustrations and decorations, the A$AP mob member turned Slam Jam into an art gallery that just happened to feature pieces from VLONE’s Los Angeles presentation. The collection keeps with the hot orange theme, and highlight pieces include the VLONE Air Force 1 and “FRIENDS” branded T-shirts and sweatshirts.

The Pop Up will stay up in Milan until Sunday, September 25, and anyone in the area should definitely give it a look. While Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” Pop Up and Kanye’s “Pablo” Pop Up had well branded designs and popular street fashion pieces, Bari’s VLONE x Slam Jam might have just taken the crown.

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Zachary Currie

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