Tory Lanez Live Show Review

Last week, we were blessed with the opportunity to go see Tory Lanez perform live at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. In short, the “swavey” rapper and singer did not disappoint.

The concert was one of the best live performances I’ve ever been to; up there with the likes of a Travis Scott show. More than anything, Tory brought incredible energy that allowed the crowd to really feel his passion for music. He inspired the crowd with his personal story, a rags to riches tale about a homeless rapper that went from washing dishes at Denny’s to performing his songs on a worldwide tour. The engagement with the audience was not just emotional, but also physical. During his more lit songs like “Litty” and “Lord Knows Pt. 2,” Lanez did not just crowd surf, he crowd walked. Encouraging everyone in the Fillmore to come together as a family and latch on to him, the leader of the New Toronto movement literally walked on the crowd from the stage to the back, ensuring that no matter where you were in the audience, you got a front row seat. At one point, Tory even climbed to the top tier of the Fillmore. hanging off the ledge while performing without missing a verse.

The lit atmosphere caused a fight at one point, which Lanez encouraged. It’s clear the New Toronto doesn’t mess around, as Tory told those involved that it’s not a real fight unless someone ends up on the ground. Fortunately, the fight had no impact on the rest of the concert.

Tory Lanez’ fans should look to go see him perform live as soon as possible. The energy of his live performances gives new life to his songs you may not listen to, or have not listened to in a while. While I remember bumping “Diego” and “S.M.N.” all the time when Gangsta Grillz: The New Toronto and Chixtape 3 first dropped, I found myself addicted to the tracks after the concert. Seeing Lanez live also allows you to appreciate his talents as a singer, something he is not recognized enough for. While most singers don’t sound the same live as they do through your headphones, Tory sounds the same, if not better. The next time The New Toronto is in your area, go have yourself a night.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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