Watch Chance the Rapper reveal a New Poem on NPR’s Tiny Desk

Chance the Rapper stopped by NPR in June to take part in their Tiny Desk concert series, and early Wednesday, NPR shared a video of Chance’s performance. After introducing the band and backup singers that he brought along with him and revealing that he was surprised to find out that Tiny Desk concerts are “actually in an office,” he got things started by performing his Coloring Book song, “Juke Jam.”

An interesting dynamic because tiny desk concerts require some sort of live music with no musical editing so getting rappers is always a challenge for them. Gucci Mane brought Zaytoven with him and Big Baby Dram also brought a pianist.

Once he wrapped up that track, Chance then recited a new poem called “The Other Side.” According to NPR, Chance wrote the poem on his way to the Tiny Desk concert, so it was obviously his first time sharing it with the world. And while he was briefly interrupted by someone making an announcement over the NPR building’s loudspeaker, he rolled with it and finished the poem before concluding his Tiny Desk performance with a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go.”

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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