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Introducing Dirty Flip and ENV

In this iteration of the introducing series Nous was able to speak with Dirty Flip, a creative that is native to the DMV area. Through his art, Dirty portrays the real authentic aspects on today’s society. From street smarts to politics, Dirty grasps the nitty-gritty behind the subject at hand. He creates through a number […]

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Introducing Détroit is the New Black

Last week, in Detroit, Nous was fortunate enough to cross paths with very creative Young Lady, Roslyn Karamoko (shown in the cover photo), who is the mastermind behind Détroit is the New Black. For those of us who have never heard of Détroit is the New Black it is an art space and clothing brand, […]

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Introducing Chef Sam Davis

Nous was given the unique opportunity to catch up with a Chef who has worked with some of the most well-known celebrities in the world and turned her passion into a way of life. Chef Sam Davis is a first generation American with a Jamaican background from the DMV who lets her roots shine through […]

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Introducing @Labreezyyy

Instagram has become the place where we go to find new styles, meet like-minded people, and find ourselves stylistically. The Instagram streetwear and sneaker community is massive and growing daily. However, the photographers that prop up this cultural phenomenon often times go unnoticed because it is so easy for larger pages to steal their work. […]

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Introducing K$ace

A few weeks ago, our very own Morgan Newell got the opportunity to speak with up and coming artist K$ace about his transition from modeling. For those of you who do not K$ace, he has seen repeated success in the modeling world despite being only 5’5” and has even begun to gain traction as a […]

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Introducing I Love Ugly

Nous got the opportunity to catch up with New Zealand-based clothing company I Love Ugly. I’m sure you have heard of ILU because of their eclectic styles or their famous Zespy Pants that took the streetwear community by storm and have been recreated by some of the hottest names in the industry. We spoke to […]

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