Mike Dean and Dice Soho Speak to No Jumper

Mike Dean and M.W.A. signee Dice Soho recently sat down with Adam22 of No Jumper. Dean spoke on his rise within the industry and what it means to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. More specifically Travis Scott and Scarface. Hailing from Houston, Mike Dean has spent decades as one of […]

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Drake Opens Up about Everything in New Interview

This past Monday Drake sat down with DJ Semtex and spoke on just about everything you could imagine. He spoke on; missing the Grammys, “Pop Style”, Quintin Miller, Meek Mill, and a whole lot more. The entire hour-plus interview is below alongside a couple text ecerpts. During the interview, Drake said he went from recording […]

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Watch this Unearthed Rare Banksy Interview from 20 years Ago

Banksy, alongside street art, has risen to superstardom over the past decade. Since becoming famous, the elusive Banksy has managed to keep a very low profile. So low in fact, that art aficionados don’t even know what he looks like. In a recent Banksy art exhibit, they hoped he would show, but to no avail. […]

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FairPlay Brand Opens up to Nous Culture

FairPlay is taking the elitism out of fashion with contemporary looks produced from high quality garments. The brand draws influence from global communities of hip-hop, punk and hardcore, while blurring the lines between the high and low arts. Designer roots reach both coasts, inspired by sports and politics in Washington D.C., yet adapted to the […]

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Nous’ One on One with Artist Alex Solis

Creator of the viral art collection Icons Unmasked Alex Solis has become a hit with young instagram users. The collection featured a number of cartoons and iconic characters dressed as other similar characters (A few of the images are featured below). Recently Nous had the pleasure of conducting an interview with the budding artistic superstar. Solis is […]

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