Check out Supreme’s Spring/2018 Random Lifestyle Drop

For the fans of Supreme, 2018’s spring/summer collection will be one of the best one’s yet for random supreme items.

The highlight of the season is, without a question, the Stern-produced pinball machine, as previewed yesterday. Its heavily-branded mechanics and both analog and digital graphics attract casual players and collectors alike. For the outdoor lovers: Advanced Elements has produced a 7-foot 10-inch Packlite Kayak with oversized logo overlays, O’Brien commissioned a certified life vest for the daring, and a matching axe and sheath for the log fires round out the alfresco offerings. Tennis balls, a Zippo lighter, mason jars and pocket knives complement workers gloves, keychains and a new checkerboard set of boxers and undershirts — all branded with the iconic box logo. Lastly, an official Catcher’s Mask by Rawlings will surely be coveted for those looking forward to the upcoming baseball season.

Look out for the collection to release on February 15 at Supreme’s NY, LA and European locations, while Japan should see a February 17 release. Supreme’s online store is expected to release the items on February 22. For more from the latest collection, make sure to also check out offerings in the following categories:

For the full Spring/Summer 2018 collection, visit Supreme’s official website.


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Jelani Arthur Williamson

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