Supreme & Andres Serrano Team up for a Very Controversial Collaboration

Supreme‘s latest collaboration is with artist and photographer Andres Serrano. Born in NYC in 1950, Serrano was raised a strict Roman Catholic and his work provides a unique interpretation of religion by juxtaposing traditional religious imagery with blood, urine, semen, breast milk and other bodily fluids. Serrano’s work has caused major controversy throughout his career; his most infamous piece — Piss Christ — which depicts a plastic crucifix photograph submerged in a tank of the artist’s urine, not only lead to a denouncement by US Senators, but also ignited a plethora of death threats and vandalism by Christian protestors.

Supreme opted to work with the artist by using three of Serrano’s pieces — Piss Christ, Madonna &; Child II and Blood and Semen II. The lineup includes hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, graphic tees, as well as a Vans collaboration that consists of a Sk8-Hi, Chukka and Old Skool featuring the Blood and Semen II imagery.

Check out the collection above and look for the items to release in-store at Supreme’s New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris locations, as well as its online store from September 21. Japan will see a September 23 rollout.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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