Russell Simmons’ New Company Connects Brands and Hip Hop

Russell Simmons has launched a creative in-house agency, ADHD, with the goal of helping brands reach out to younger audiences in innovative ways.

The new agency will be part of Simmons’ multi-channel network, All Def Digital (ADD) which focuses on the creation and dissemination of urban-centric content for younger audiences.

Both names are a nod to the short attention span that seems to define the digital generation.

“The idea was, if you don’t have ADD, you’re not paying attention,” Simmons told Adweek.


ADHD hopes to help Hollywood and brands understand the hip-hop audience which will also help them captivate a diverse, young audience in new ways.

The driving idea being that this particular audience is essentially an untapped, and underserved market. There is huge potential for Hollywood and brands to reach out to the hip-hop audience and create mutually beneficial results from increased interaction with this audience.

“Urban isn’t just a racial identity, it’s a cultural identity, and it’s three trillion dollars of buying power, and nobody’s thinking of the market in this way,” head of ADHD, and R/GA managing director Josh Mandel told Adweek.

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Jelani Arthur Williamson

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