Rihanna and Dior Create Sunglasses of the Future

Ever since Rihanna started co-designing with Stance Socks she hasn’t look back. After taking a brief hiatus to finish recording her album, ANTI, Rihanna has re-entered the fashion industry with a bang.

Rihanna, the brand ambassador and women’s creative director of Puma, has announced three new shoes to Puma’s Creeper Collection, and the Caribbean artist has wasted no time in moving on to her next venture with Dior.

The two parties came together to create a pair of frihanna-dior-3_o7qnm4uturistic sunglasses that are available in five colors (silver, pink, blue, green, and red), including a pair that is plated in 24 karat gold! This is not the first collaboration that Rihanna has done with Dior. In fact, last year she made history becoming the first black woman to ink a deal with the label.


The sunglasses are definitely unique, featuring a flat top and a thick frame. Rihanna said that her inspiration came largely from Star Trek, and when she got to Dior she described it as a playground, saying that she, “saw all the materials [she] could play with, and it just came together.”

These shades definitely come with a high price tag, costing $840. And if you’re really feeling yourself you can splurge and get the gold plated pair for $1,950. The sunglasses don’t go on sale until early June so stay patient, and rest assured that whichever pair you choose, you’ll certainly turn some heads.


Zachary Currie

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