Photographer Teams up With Porsche to Capture Precious Moments

Photographer Florian W. Mueller teamed up with Porsche to capture the essence of Taipei with his primary subject being the Porsche Macan S. From its incense-veiled temples to its intricate network of streets teeming with locals, the Taiwan capital beautifully juxtaposes the innovative luxury vehicle that is covered in an array of vibrant colors. “Cars are usually not the subjects I’m taking pictures of,” said Mueller. “The combination of what I have in mind when I think about Porsche and Taipei is that they are explosive.”

“I’m always starting at zero,” said Mueller. It’s safe to say that the internationally-acclaimed shutterbug doesn’t really depend on fancy equipment to shoot awe-inspiring moments. In fact, the only pivotal aspect he needs in every picture is emotion.

The Macan — Porsche’s crossover SUV in ‘S’ sports edition, is juxtaposed within the historic Taipei, Taiwan with its 340 horsepower, V6 engine arrangement that provides enormous amounts of power through the 7-speed PDK transmission and all-wheel drive system.

Watch the video above to see how Mueller creatively chronicles his journey in Taipei and then head over to the official Porsche Macan website to learn more about the project. Also, be sure to capture your own thrilling moments using the hashtag #LifeIntensified in order to win a 4D3N Photography Master Class in Penang, Malaysia with Mueller himself. Simply capture the moment, share it on Instagram and tag #LifeIntensified.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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