OFF-WHITE drops a $500 Sneaker

Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE brand extended its line of footwear with the introduction of “Marble Print” and perforations on its sneaker for its new “Blue-Collar” line. Prior to the release, they stayed more traditional with its sneakers, using an all white silhouette detailed with variations on the classic OFF-WHITE diagonal design. The “Marble Print” gets away from the diagonal black and white design, although the silhouette remains the same. We’ve seen the “Marble Print” done beautifully on OFF-WHITE outerwear in the past, specifically on sweaters and jackets, so adding the design to sneakers is a natural progression. The sneakers feature Virgil’s branding phrase on the bottom near the heel, keeping with the tradition of luxury sneakers branded in that area.

The “Marble Print” sneaker retails at $544 and can be found on or their Website

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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