Nous’ One on One with Artist Alex Solis

Creator of the viral art collection Icons Unmasked Alex Solis has become a hit with young instagram users. The collection featured a number of cartoons and iconic characters dressed as other similar characters (A few of the images are featured below). Recently Nous had the pleasure of conducting an interview with the budding artistic superstar. Solis is coming into his own, as he continues to gain popularity in the United States, and internationally it will be interesting to see him grow. Check out our interview with him below, and follow him on Twitter for his latest updates!

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  1.     Tell me about yourself.

I’m a boy and artist originally from Milwaukee WI,  now residing in Illinois with my wife, Cathy, two kids, and a stubborn english bulldog. I pretty much draw all day haha!

  1.     What does a successful art collection look like for you?

A successful art collection should make you want to look at it more than a few times, and find something different [in it] each time. Also, it should make you think and inspire you in some way.

  1.     What was the inspiration behind Icons Unmasked?

Honestly it was when I started seeing bootlegs of my work all over the world. At first I was a bit mad and upset by it, but at the same time I realized that even many of the originals are inspired by others, and sometimes even more than inspiration. I started doing one mash up and immediately another one came up, so I kept going and kinda blew my mind by the amount of connections there are – even in the few I have explored so far.

  1.     What’s next for Alex Solis? (Please say more Hip Hop wRappers)

It’s a bit weird the way I work, I get so excited about a new idea usually in the middle of working on a series or current project. Sometimes I pause and come back to stuff. I have been focusing a lot on my brand, and a lot of cool projects coming up, but at the moment I’m pretty excited about a very small series called “global Warming sucks” that kinda came up out of nowhere.

  1.     Does anybody in culture inspire you?

I get inspiration from pretty much everyone haha. I have learned to enjoy and love art more, so now as I get older, I appreciate different styles and ways of approaching art that before I didn’t really understand or even enjoy.

  1.     Who is your favorite artist right now?

I really enjoy James Jean, who has been one of my favorites for a while, and I love the stuff that he posts on his Instagram.

  1.     For the people who have not heard of Alex Solis, what should they know about you?

I would really want people to know me for my work and illustrations, and my goal to one day have some of my work be a household name :D!


It will be interesting to see Solis’ art evolve and watch him mature as an artist.

Zachary Currie