What is Nous Culture?

Nous was established in 2016 by Jelani Arthur and Zachary Currie as an inclusive culture that puts together different aspects of urban life while prompting positivity. We curate blogs, events, merchandise, and publications sharing the best in fashion, footwear, music, and art from around the world.

It is important to us that we remain a platform for up-and-coming artists promoting their art and truth. We do work with very recognizable names, but spend more resources doing the extensive research required to find out who the real creative trailblazers are.

Nous marries grassroots fashion, art, and music with some of the biggest and most well-known brands in the world. The Nous Culture team strives to create and cultivate our own culture for people with a similar aesthetic and sense of beauty.

Nous is not meant to be a place where you check everyday to see the news like some other places. Nous is a  place you go to to learn about the culture, the site is striving to get to a point where pulling it up feels like home.

“Nous” — as we have defined it — is “a way of existing in the world where style and unconventional beauty are defining characteristics.”

But just as our vision is dynamic and eclectic, so is the word nous. When Jean-Michel Basquiat was doing graffiti in New York City he went by the moniker “Samo” because he felt that everybody was doing the same old stuff. As an homage to one of the world’s greatest modern artists, ‘newse’ was born to represent the fact the everyone was doing the same “New Shit”. Nous was then born (same pronunciation) and the spelling was changed because of the breadth of culture coming out of the word.

In French the word nous means ‘us’ or ‘we’ because this is our culture. In ancient Greek the word nous equates to intellect and the human mind because our culture is cerebral. Another translation for the word nous is news, Amharic which is an east African language spoken primarily in Ethiopia, translates the word nous to news. And we seek to be a source of news for the future of our culture.


Nous, “Something for Us”

Jelani Arthur Williamson