Nous Book 1: The Founding Edition

The Founding Edition of the Nous Book introduces you to the next generation of creators stemming from all aspects of culture. Including but not limited to graphic artists, photographers, non-profits, clothing designers, shoe customizers, rappers, comedians and influencers.

The Founding Edition is an homage to everybody who has gone out on a limb and created something for the culture. The main story is and co-covers for the book are Dice Soho and Only The Blind. Dice Soho were an easy choice because they are both ‘next up’ in their respective fields. With the backing of legendary engineer Mike Dean and lyrical ingenuity we go behind the scenes with Dice Soho. It was important to us to include Only The Blind as well because the way they are using social media to give people what they want in a clothing brand is revolutionary.


The 186 page book takes you on a journey from individuals who have just had their first break to established brands that everyone should know in the industry. The book includes two full length galleries from Humza Deas and Daniel Allen Cohen alongside a fully functional coloring book by COLOR ME COOL.

Other people featured in the book are name like Dougie F, The Shoe Surgeon, Slang, and Jerry Lorenzo.

The book took over a year of hard work from the nous culture team and really is a culmination of what the word nous means to us.

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NOUS Book 1: The Founding Edition retails for $25 and is available now online here, and at select retailers worldwide.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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