Maybe Today is the Brand of Summer 16′

Maybe Today is an emerging streetwear brand led by Ollie Wilcox. Based out of New York City, Maybe Today is changing the way we think of urban fashion. Starkly against the trend for brands to gravitate towards darker more flat hues, the staple of Maybe Today is its pastel pink design. When asked about the pastel pink, Wilcox stated, “We do everything differently, we have a different message and we shake things up, we’re pink because we’re different.” Entering the industry from a unique angle, it’d be interesting to see this up and coming brand grow so rapidly. The “pink label” as they are affectionately called stands by its mission and history and their website quickly makes you aware of it.

“Founded as a design collective to inspire artists and entrepreneurs alike, Maybe Today’s mission is to provide you with the confidence needed to take the first step in achieving your goals. It is amazing how much one will learn and accomplish by simply taking the first step. Maybe Today you will. The world is built by the ones who believe they can do it.”

This idea was echoed ad nauseum when Nous Culture spoke to Creative Director Ollie Wilcox. He made a point to emphasize that today is the day to go chase your dreams, stating, “Maybe Today means there is no better time to start your goal than today.  Our message is to be your own boss and live your life, TODAY.  In this world we live in, you will not find true freedom and happiness unless you are working toward your dream a goal.”

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Their niche in the industry is that they are the only brand that promotes both positivity and entrepreneurialism, stressing the point that everyone benefits when people chase their dreams.

Wilcox’s vision for the future includes a brick and mortar store in the heart of New York in the next few years. The brand is becoming a staple in New York street-style and is rapidly expanding across the country.

Although Maybe Today does not currently have an extensive product selection, they excel at what they do. Their recent Uzi collection has caught the eye of various stars and may become a mainstay in future collections.

After evaluating the quality of their clothing, seeing their plans for the future, and getting a glimpse of their vision it is clear that this will become a staple brand very soon. Maybe Today as a brand really embodies unconventional beauty. We at Nous Culture have taken a liking to this company, so look for more to come on Instagram

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Jelani Arthur Williamson

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