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Nous Culture sat down with MADHAPPY, a new streetwear brand based out of LA founded by Joshua Sitt, Noah Rafiezadeh, Peiman Rafiezadeh, and Mason Spector. MADHAPPY officially launched last week on April 20th with a blow out launch party in West Hollywood. The first collection consists of branded t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and two outerwear pieces. Some of the pieces feature hand-stitching, a rarity among streetwear brands these days. Learn about the brand with Nous’ interview below and check out MADHAPPY’s online store here and follow them on Instagram here.

What gave you the idea to start MADHAPPY?

MADHAPPY was born as the byproduct of creative frustration. We actually started another brand before MH called US. by mason & noah. We experienced minimal success with US, getting into multiple retailers across the country as well as generating some online sales. While that brand never got to really see the light of day, I guess in some ways it served as a building block for us to be able to start MADHAPPY when the time came. After being out of the fashion industry for nearly a year, we were ready to give this thing another shot. Anytime you stop doing something you love, you begin to yearn for it, and that’s exactly what happened. We knew we wanted to start another brand, but also knew that this time we wanted to approach things differently. Our first intention when starting MADHAPPY was just to have fun. We wanted the whole process to be as organic as possible and starting working exclusively with our friends and family members.

What is MADHAPPYS mission statement?

The beauty of MADHAPPY is that each person can have their own interpretation of it. In our opinion, MADHAPPY is the essence of life: two words coming together to create a life-like existence. It's about the ups and downs and everything in between. It is recognizing that everything isn’t perfect because it shouldn’t be. It is realizing that the lows make the highs that much more pronounced. It is seeing that the obstacles in life are actually what life is truly about. The path, the journey, the struggle, help illuminate the very fact to us that the obstacle is the way. We must pursue a better version of ourselves and the world around us while still recognizing that everything is fine just as it is. Sometimes we’re mad. Sometimes we’re happy. However, in spite of all of this, or maybe because of it, we can always be MADHAPPY.

What inspired the company name MADHAPPY?

I think subconsciously the name was inspired by the movie inside out. We were going through a weird transition time in our lives, being out of the fashion industry and not being able to wake up and feed our passion. The name was born with uncertainty, eagerness and excitement, and it is that wide range of emotions that both the brand and the movie really represent.

The duality and simplicity of madhappy evokes a rather dumbfounded confusion that brings a smile to one’s face. It carries weight with all and holds a differing value amongst the newer generation who use “Mad” as slang for “very.” The name madhappy is something kids want to be a part of and parents want to encourage. Connecting “madhappy” with streetwear gave us a tool to tell parents that kids do care and do love. It also gives millennials a new and more acceptable way to express their emotions through trend.

Who do you consider your fashion influences?

Interestingly enough, some of our biggest inspirations aren’t involved in fashion. James Turrell first comes to mind, his use of color and light and the ability to manipulate the eye is something I always think about when designing. And you can definitely see that reflected in our first collection. Another big influence is Wes Anderson, his pallets and his unique style has always really intrigued me. In terms of designers, I would say that Raf Simons has had the biggest influence on us.

Where do you see MADHAPPY in 5 years? 10 years?

While its hard to envision something so far in the future, especially while in the day to day or building a new brand, everyone has goals. I envision MADHAPPY growing beyond just a clothing line but rather a creative collective fostering art across multiple fields. We want the name MADHAPPY to be synonymous with expressing your true self. To put it simply, we just want to help people across the world, in whatever capacity possible.

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