Lightshow announces his Latest Project “Kalorama Heights”

Earlier this week we got the opportunity to sit down with rising D.C. artist Lightshow. Our sit-down with the young artist will be featured next week as the next iteration of our “introducing” series that has already featured MadHappy and artist Jeff Cole. One thing that simply cannot wait until next week is the announcement of Lightshow’s newest project titled Kalorama Heights.



When asked about why he chose that name he replied,

“My last album (Life Sentence 3) cover if you look at it, I have the jury which is basically all the people that are watching you as you are trying to do your think and they have their opinions. That is why I have them as the jury. The you have me sitting at both the defendants desk as well as me representing myself.

I’m representing myself because nobody can tell my story better than me. The difference between the person at the table and the other is that one is the old me and the other is the person I am growing into. As I get up from that table, the life sentence is all about the decisions you make.

When I was growing up, I didn’t want much. I still don’t want much, I don’t need all that flashy bullstuff. Its different now, see now I have ambition to own things and become a positive member of society. All I want it to upgrade my life.”


“I want to get to Kalorama Heights and live with Obama.”


Kalorama Heights is coming off the heels of his last project Life Sentence 3, which served as a coming out party for the D.C. native. That project was highlighted by hit single “Need a Lighter” which featured 21 Savage.


Kalorama Heights is expected to be accompanied by an array of merchandise and possibly a documentary. When asked about a possible documentary Lightshow said, “Oh, we love documentaries, see my music is cryptic. So that would help people understand the depth of my work”.

Kalorama Heights will feature a number of artists to be announced closer to the official release. There is no release information just yet, but check back to Nous for more information.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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