You Need to Watch Kendrick’s “Humble” Video Right Now

At the end of “The Heart Part 4,” released last week, Kendrick warned us to “get our shit together” before April 7. But we still weren’t ready for what happened last night. Just under a week later, Kendrick and TDE dropped the music video for “Humble,” presumably the first single off the album.

The video is chock full of striking imagery, right from the opening scene which shows Kendrick in papal robes, a beam of light illuminating him from a stained-glass window. As the video continues, we see Kendrick in a sea of black shaved heads, Kendrick seated at a reenactment of the Last Supper, and Kendrick with a head of flames.

The video has plenty of empowering messages, too. At one point, Kendrick bemoans how he is “sick and tired of Photoshop,” and makes a plea for “real” black women with “afros” and “stretch marks.” The point is nothing new for Lamar, who has championed black pride and authenticity in his past work. But it nevertheless encourages black women to feel comfortable with their natural selves.

The loudest message of the video, however, is unmistakable. “Sit down!” Kendrick tells his peers and competitors. “Be humble!” In an age where every rapper’s career is seemingly based in braggadocio and hyperbole, Kendrick reminds them where they really stand. After seeing this video, every rapper in the game should think twice before touting their name above the king.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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