Kendrick Lamar’s Vocals Meet Dr. Dre’s Beats on The Damn. Chronic

After blending Chance The Rapper’s vocals with Kanye West’s beats on Chance The Dropout, DJ Critical Hype is mixing Kendrick Lamar’s vocals with classic instrumentals produced Dr. Dre.

The DJ’s latest project, The Damn. Chronic, features a mixture of Kendricks classic versus and his newest ones from his latest album DAMN. 

Standout tracks on The Damn. Chronic project include “Faith”—a mash-up with the Dr. Dre song “Xxplosive”—and “Freedom,” which blends K. Dot’s verse from the Beyonce song of the same name with 50 Cent’s “Heat.”

Along with mixing the two artist’s music, DJ Critical Hype also mashed up two of their album covers for the project’s artwork. Designed by Ian Klarer, The Damn. Chronic cover takes K. Dot’s image from the Damn. cover and replaces Dre’s face on The Chronic cover.

Jelani Arthur Williamson