Nobody Shops at Karmaloop Anymore, Here is Why

Five to ten years ago, everybody would check out every fall to do their back to school clothes shopping. People would be able to find the most exclusive pieces of clothing that would have the whole school buzzing. They even got to the point where television companies were fighting for a chance to host Karmaloop TV, a cable network for the youth. But as of late CEO Greg Selkoe (pictured above) has declared for bankruptcy and it seems that even when people see the annual 40% off sale around Christmas time, they don’t spend more than five minutes on the site before they close their browsers. Nobody shops at Karmaloop anymore and here is why.


They Sell Cheap versions of expensive things 

All of Karmaloop’s product offerings are cheap versions of expensive brands and the lack of quality shows. If you go to men’s jewelry on the Karmaloop site, then you will find gold necklaces for $20 when you couldn’t buy a gold piece of dust for that cheap. Instead of focusing on cheap knock-offs they need to either increase their price point or find a stylistically different product. Maybe Instead of publishing dozens of knock-off Balmain Biker Jeans, they could try to create their own style and embrace it.

They don’t check for quality

Instead of having all the products they sell in a warehouse somewhere, they allow suppliers to ship from their own supply. This allows them to save money, but it doesn’t give them the opportunity to check for quality. It also gives suppliers no incentive to ship high quality stuff, because if the quality is terrible, consumers will hate Karmaloop not the brands themselves. How many times have you been excited to receive and dope new sweatshirt from Karmaloop and receive a terrible product that looks nothing like the picture? Try buying from the brand directly and notice the difference in quality.


They have no R&D

Research and Development is the backbone of keeping a brand at the forefront of their respective industry. Karmaloop once was a hub of style, but now they are years behind when it comes to street-style. Karmaloop has never introduced their own trends, and there is no excuse as to why this is their first season with over-sized tees.

They have too much rough and not enough diamonds

Remember the days when you would rummage through Karmaloop’s site and find a diamond in the rough for a great price? I do too, but now all they have is rough and no diamonds, its time to get the products that people want to buy on page 1 and not page 36.

They have too much brand loyalty

I give Karmaloop credit because they have always strived to provide us with new brands, but at some point a new brand becomes old. If at first they are shipping out of a warehouse that is ok, but if they still are six years later then it is time to kick them off the site. A lot of brands have really good debut collections, but keeping that spark is very difficult. When a brand loses it, Karmaloop needs to lose them.


Karmaloop is just lame

Karmaloop is just lame, straight like that; there is nothing special about their site anymore. Every other brand has collabs coming out every season and after over a decade, Karmaloop is yet to have a collab that you can remember. What’s the use in finding all of these little companies if they don’t give you exclusive products? The only reason why YouTube stars endorse Karmaloop is because they are given giant 40% promo codes, which end up being useless because nobody would want their stuff even if it were free. Karmaloop needs to take a look inside and re-find it’s niche within the industry. There is still a need for a hub of smaller brands; Karmaloop just needs to do a better job managing that hub.


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Jelani Arthur Williamson

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