Kapital Japanese Happi Shirts are what your Wardrobe is Missing

Japanese Fashion house Kapital has dropped three contemporary takes on the traditional Japanese Happi Shirt. A Happi shirt is a short robe garment traditionally worn, well when you’re happy, at things like festivals and other significant cultural events.

If you had no idea what a Happi Shirt was, or have no idea why this would need to be in your wardrobe, you are in the majority. However, who wouldn’t want a garment that they can wear every time they were happy, or even a shirt that made you feel happy when you weren’t.

The cultural concept of these shirts is awesome, and the designs are gnarly. Imagine throwing on a Japanese Happi Shirt to go get the mail in the morning, that would be a bigger ‘Pick-me-up’ than any cup of coffee.

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“The “Bone for Peace” shirt ($447 USD) is built of vintage washed cotton fleece with contrasting knit collar plackets and skeletal motifs printed throughout. The “Military Rebuild” ($556 USD) shirt up-cycles military surplus garments, sewing them together to form something altogether new — the shirt’s snap-flap pockets and bag carrying strap are all evidence of this garment’s past lives. The washed indigo fleece “Hinomaru” shirt ($447 USD) features a contrasting red lining with two waist-patch pockets, adorned with the Japanese Rising Sun graphic on the shoulders.”

Although you probably won’t spend $500 on a robe, you’ve now learned something new. And maybe when you’ve got a spare $500 lying around, you’ll invest in this awesome piece of clothing.

All three shirts are currently for sale over at Haven.

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Jelani Arthur Williamson

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