Joel Mcloughlin, The man Behind ‘Gallucks’

We recently sat down (via web) with London based menswear fashion blogger and YouTuber Joel Mcloughlin, who goes by Gallucks, for an in-depth interview on his career choice as it pertains to fashion blogging. As some of you may not know, fashion blogging is among one of the fastest growing career paths for millennials. Using social media outlets such as YouTube and Instagram as their main source, they are able to reach a broader audience, which was once not attainable a few years ago. In their videos (or vlogs) they display different types of clothing and offer their opinion on them as well as guides on how to wear them with different styles.

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Joel Mcloughlin, who goes by “Gallucks” on social media, took a different route when it came to fashion blogging however. He previously worked as a stylist for designer’s, fashion apps, television shows, musicians, and the Net-a-Porter group with blogging being a mere hobby at the time. He started blogging about six years ago “as a way to document [his] own style and explore new styles” and credits fashion bloggers “Susie Bubble” and “Pelayo Diaz” as being a major influence in his decision to start a blog. Last year he began to take fashion blogging seriously as he saw the growing popularity in this new form of blogging. He states, “I resigned from my stylist role at the Net-a-Porter Group last year as I wanted to take the opportunity to work solely on my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel.”. Now in 2016, YouTubing and blogging are his full time jobs and he has now has over 8,000 subscribers and over 300,000 combined views on YouTube thus far.

He credited brands such as “Fear of God”, “Mr. Completely”, and “CMMN SWDN” as being his main inspiration in his style as he is trying “to portray a boy from the future, in a post apocalyptic world”. When asked about how does he find the brands that he wears he, like others, says he “search[es] the internet high and low to discover new and exciting brands”.

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He is a mixture of Jerry Lorenzo and Logic with a dash of European culture, which makes his style very unique. He is able to take Common Projects Chelsea Boots and wear them with an ASOS coat as well as a bomber jacket and make both outfits work gracefully. This speaks to the level of versatility he has and his ability to be comfortable in different styles along with being able to keep a distinct style of his own. This is truly a special talent to have along with his generosity. Doing little things like leaving where to buy every piece in the comment section shows a level of selflessness that is essential in being a successful fashion blogger and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.


Here are some of the questions we asked Gallucks:

What does the future hold for you and for fashion?
“The future for me is to carry on with my blog and YouTube channels, I love doing it and to be able to help and inspire guys in the way that they dress is extremely rewarding for me. For fashion I hope that everything slows down a bit to be honest, designers are forced to produce so many collections constantly and I think if they had a bit more time to design and process their ideas there would be a lot more variety in the industry.”

How do you think menswear in the U.K. is different than menswear in the U.S.?
I think the two styles used to be extremely different but I guess the Internet bridges the gap and now people look the same, you see people in London that look like they should be from New York and vice versa.


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You can reach Gallucks on Instagram,Twitter, and YouTube. It Seems like Gallucks is headed in the right path, and he is ready to take the digital fashion world by storm.

Ramon Lyons

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