Introducing Lightshow

Last week we took the time to sit down with D.C. based artist Lightshow. We revealed Kalorama Heights a few days ago and now he is starring in our introducing series. One thing you’ll notice in all his answers and something that shone through in our interview was his wisdom. Wisdom is an interesting adjective to put on a young rapper from a rough background but that is exactly what Lightshow has. He commanded the room with his confident and calm demeanor, and when you get a chance to listen to Life Sentence 3, his latest project, you will hear a man wiser than his years.



From: D.C., Lightshow expressed that because he is from the district it is automatically put on for. “I don’t have to scream it everywhere I go, but because I’m from where I’m from I will always embody my experiences and the things Learned.”


He got into music: “As a form of self-expression, my music is audible timeline of the trials and tribulations and the things I’m learning as I continue to grow. It was the only platform I had to be 100% authentic with getting things off my chest.”


How Lightshow expects to keep his momentum up: “I’m going to maintain my momentum by being myself. By being a servant leader, so even though I’m a leader I’ll always take care of my people and stay real. There’s nothing I can do but stay honorable and true to the art, that’s so admirable and so replicable that I will rise to the top. I will always keep my edge, keep working, how can you not respect that?


For people who have never heard of Lightshow they should know: “They should know that when they do get introduced to my music, no matter how they feel about it or how its moves them, I am always true to the art form. I do it for the Art. No matter how you feel, it comes from a real place and isn’t made up for you ears.”


He stands for: “Non conformity. I try and go against every systematic way that I have been taught to think. I take the time to figure out what life is actually about and what my purpose really is. The message I want to get out is that you should take time for yourself to figure out why youre here, and let your life be a reflection of that.”


What is the biggest challenge in the music industry?


“The music industry and the art of making music are completely different industries. First off you have the art from, and then you have the industry. The industry is about making money and monetizing stuff and that thirst and desperation that corporations are doing that with, it sometimes waters down the art form to make money. The hardest thing is figuring out the balance between staying true to your art form but also being business savvy enough to get everything that is rightfully yours as the art creator. If you don’t know how to grab the money that is owed to you then someone else is going to do that. When you see other people take the money from the thing that you created, It taints your whole existence to the world.”


If you could collaborate with anyone in the game for a full project, who would it be?


“Damn, I think DC would want me to make a full project with Glizzy. The streets would love to see that. But I also need to link with someone to sing R&B so they can get the best of both worlds kind of like what Jay Z was trying to do with R Kelly. It has to be like a PnB Rock because he’s on fire right now.

So my all time person would be Jay.

The streets would love to see me and Glizzy.

And the best of both worlds would be PnB Rock.”


Is there a united front with all the artists from D.C. (Shy Glizzy, Wake, Logic, Goldlink, etc.) or do you feel a disconnect?

“As D.C. artist, we all work together here and there. I like everybody’s art and what they’re doing. I think it is all love, I saw Glizzy earlier today and it was all love but we have dreams so big that sometimes we get caught up chasing after them. If we can cross paths on the way to the top then of course we will.”

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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