Introducing Kollar Clothing

At the Liberty Fashion and Lifestyle Fair in New York City, Nous Culture got the chance to talk to David Kollar, the man behind Kollar Clothing. In a time when many brands take shortcuts to make designing or producing clothes a little easier, Kollar takes pride in their creative process, striving to make clothes that are not worn pieces of cloth, but an art form. David Kollar even taught himself how to cut and sew, proving that each step in the brand’s growth has been genuine. Kollar’s attention to detail and subtle variations of structure separate them from other up and coming brands.



The story behind Kollar is that: “It started when I was 16 with a printed T-shirt line. As my aesthetic influence grew, I taught myself how to cut and sew with the goal of launching my own collection. Our first trade show was in 2014 in Las Vegas, where we were able to open 30 accounts. My mom would actually sew all night to help us get our orders out. Since then, we’ve continued to solidify our brand identity, and perfect the fit and construction of Kollar Clothing.”

Hailing from: Canada, but we have influences from all around the world.

When describing the aesthetic of Kollar: “We’re all about the details. From the fits of our denim and outerwear to the cuts of our T-shirts, we try to keep the brand ahead of the curve, but still very sellable and wearable. The goal is for each item to be innovative, but still display a simple, clean look.”

On what’s next for the brand: “We want to continue to expand in the United States and Canada, opening up more accounts each season. All of our inventory on our online site is currently sold out, so we want to continue that success for every collection we put out. Eventually, we want to build a bigger presence in Europe and Asia, tapping into different markets geographically.”

The hardest part of owning your own brand is: “Having to make the right decisions – big or small – knowing that it will potentially affect your next season. I find in business, it’s all about obstacles and decisions. The more obstacles that come up, it’s all about handling your stress level and making the right decision to move your business forward. I see business as a chess game – by making the right moves you become more closer to the King / Queen. You can still win even if you had 3 – 4 chess pieces left but the goal is to build a bigger team and try to minimize mistakes and losing chess pieces in this example. The King / Queen in this would be the end goal of what you define success to be in your brand. For us, it’s about being the best in the world as a streetwear brand, and being in the top retailers and the world knowing what KOLLAR clothing is about.”



Give us your 5 clothing essentials:

1.) Blue ripped denim

2.) Black and white T-shirts

3.) Chelsea boots

4.) A watch to accessorize your outfit.

5.) Molding clay for hair.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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