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A few weeks ago, our very own Morgan Newell got the opportunity to speak with up and coming artist K$ace about his transition from modeling. For those of you who do not K$ace, he has seen repeated success in the modeling world despite being only 5’5” and has even begun to gain traction as a rapper. One thing that was palpable throughout the interview was his carefree attitude and his ability to relate on so many levels. This down to earth blonde-haired creator from Westchester has a very bright future because of his work ethic and unbridled creativity.


You said that you didn’t think you belonged in Westchester, why do you think that?

I didn’t think that I fit in because I was way too real for these niggas. My fashion, the music I was listening to, the things I was looking up on the internet was way too real for a kid from Westchester.

What is the hardest part of entering the rap industry?

Not having a co-sign. If you don’t have a co-sign then you have to figure this out by yourself. That’s why I’m glad that I had some sort of clout before I started raping. Because if I was a regular soundcloud rapper then I would be so stuck. You literally have to suck dick to get on, not literally but you have to suck dick.

What inspired you to pick up skateboarding?

I was really into sports when I was younger, but then I started smoking cigarettes so I could do things that were super athletic. My neighbor put me on to skateboarding and eventually I got really good. Everything I did, I wanted to be the best at it so I practiced a lot. I just really wanted to be the best, I would skate for hours. That was my escape too, I sucked at school but when I was skating nothing else mattered.

What was a big challenge for you growing up?

I am short as hell. That was a big challenge, people kept on telling me that I was too short to stuff, and when I wanted to be a model that became a huge obstacle. Agents wouldn’t sign me because they said. “You’re 5’5”, there is no way you can do runway modeling.” But look at me now, I’m getting booked to do all these shoots. Now I’m doing shoots for Highsnobiety and stuff but I’m still short. You get a little recognition and then everyone wants to book you for stuff.

What are your top 5 fashion essentials?

Air Force 1s
Yankee Fitted w/ a gray brim
No. 9 Sunglasses
My Chain
My ring that my ex-girlfriend gave me
Versace Belt
I used to have a really cool knife

Morgan Newell

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