Introducing Dirty Flip and ENV

In this iteration of the introducing series Nous was able to speak with Dirty Flip, a creative that is native to the DMV area. Through his art, Dirty portrays the real authentic aspects on today’s society. From street smarts to politics, Dirty grasps the nitty-gritty behind the subject at hand.

He creates through a number of mediums that include canvas, clothing, custom sneakers and figurines. A few years back, after his designs began gaining some steam, Dirty created a brand to serve as a platform for his creations and called in ENV.

Through ENV Dirty has showcased his art in many venues including the Mega Byte Food Truck Festival in Annapolis, the Pancake and Booze art showcase in D.C., the HotBox website launch party, and at a number of local businesses.

But the reason why you may recognize some of his work if you are not from the DMV is that he has served as a creative consultant and collaborated with several brands. More specifically he aided in advancing the design of Staple Pigeon and Backwoods.

Learn what Dirty has to say about the work he has done in the past, and what work he hopes to do in the future. Be sure to follow ENV on instagram Here.

You have worked with some cool people and some cool brands, who have been your favorite to work with?

My favorite brands to have worked with so far are Backwoods & Staple Pigeon. These brands have helped me open my eyes to new concepts artistically and new ways to approach marketing my brand.

You dabbled in the figurine and collectible space, what was your experience with it and would you do it again?

Absolutely loved it. As an artist, I think one of the most successful things is bringing your art to life. These custom collectibles/ figurines come from 2 Dimensional ideas to 3 Dimensional figures in your hand. I’ve been poking at Kid Robot to hopefully one day be able and collaborate with them. They are big on collaborating with different artist which would be a great opportunity to accomplish personally.

What does the future hold for you and for your brand?

That has yet to be determined. My journey has been so various with many different directions but I love it like that. It can change at any moment, like art. Art covers so many concepts and whether its customizing shoes or painting canvases, each move has led to a new oppurtunity & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who is your favorite living artist and why?

My favorite artists right now would be Alex Solis, a graphic illustrator who I feels thrives on his themes which is something that I have been told is a strength of mine. The other is a big time artist out of Oakland, Hueman. Her colors and large scale composition is inspiring. She also collaborated with Nike and has murals on buildings across the world.

What impression would you like your art to leave on people?

I hope the impression I leave is ”RAW”. I wanna be an artist who builds the bridge between the street gritty-ness and a higher end audience. I love that there are so many different audiences for different medias of art and I wanna help build on that. There are so many Renaissance pieces with stories that can be related to present day.

For People who have never heard of Dirty Flip or Env Brand, what should they know about you?

Env Original is the retail brand. I want people to understand that it is a clothing brand but also a collective for other forms of art. From 3-D figurines to pillows, whether it is home design or canvas paintings…I hope Env Original will be known for one of the dopest brands to have mixed art with fashion….Dirty Flip is the artist behind all of it. When I start to have my own art exhibit or get invited to be apart of them, thats going to be the opportunity to stamp my mark in the big boy leagues such as Rembrant, Warhol, Van Gogh, etc. Of course I would love for people to know that Env Original is created by Dirty Flip but if someone falls in love with brand before falling in love with my actual art pieces, thats fine. I don’t need the fame, I just want to be the reason you were inspired to be creative with whatever it is that you do.

Jelani Arthur Williamson