iLoveMakonnen, doesn’t Sell Molly or Work with OVO anymore

Atlanta rapper, iLoveMakonnen, has officially announced his departure from label OVO. This news probably comes as a shock to nobody as Makonnen has consistently hinted at the fact that he and the OVO crew were never buddy-buddy. When speaking about his relationship with the label iLoveMakonnen claims it is nothing more than cordial saying, “It’s cool, they put out my music and stuff and we just keep it moving.” Nevertheless, the MC has maintained that there is no beef between him and OVO by releasing the following statement:

“I cannot thank OVO, 40, Oliver, Future & Mr. Morgan, enough for all that they have done for my career. No words can express how much I appreciate Drake for being a part of the success of Tuesday. I’m sure the haters will have something negative to say, but all in all my choice to be solely on Warner Bros Records was the right thing for me and for my best interest. Sorry there’s no beef to report, DRINK MORE WATER.”

We’ve seen so many relationships in the music industry go sour from Dre and Suge, Suge and everyone, Game and 50, and Birdman and Wayne. So it’s nice to see all parties acting like adults for once. So what can we expect from iLoveMakonnen?

Drink More Water 6 was released in late March, and he and California rapper Lil B confirmed that they will be touring together; they have since released their collaboration “Can’t Let It Go” which features both rappers smoothly rapping over a classic, spacy, iLoveMakonnen type beat.

iLoveMakonnen had a great run with OVO, releasing the popular tracks “Tuesday” and “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” to name a couple. We wish him the best in his future successes with Warner Bros Records, and don’t forget to check his tour dates and snag a ticket because it will probably be one of the hypest tours of the year.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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