I Love Ugly Stresses their Psychographic in their Latest Collection

I Love Ugly, the Australian clothing brand, brings back some of its aesthetic staples for their newest spring collection. Matching it with the brands creative and unconventional psychographic. The range reintroduces its esteemed dark floral print on the Frankie Short, Rocco Jacket and Zespy Pant with the original pattern first making its rounds back in 2011.

The streetwear mainstay also reimagines contemporary sportswear, integrating such items as hoodies, caps, baseball-style jerseys, a track jacket and soccer kit alongside a slew of other casual staples. Graphic prints also take center stage as phrases, animated imagery, stripes and check prints all find their way into the seasonal offering. The collection is available now through the label’s online store as well as at participating stockists.

The collection is clean and simple. Its nothing you wouldn’t expect form the Australian brand and sits well within any summer aesthetic. Depending on how flamboyant you want to berth floral jacket and pants could be a nice way to add flair this spring and summer.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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