Henry Levy is where Punk Fashion meets Paris Fashion Week

Henry Levy is set to introduce his newest collection at his fashion label Enfants Riches Déprimé, which translates directly into “Depressed Rich Kids”. If you have not heard of this label it is probably because Levy keeps his quantities so small, but any fashion aficionado needs to take notice of Levy’s newest collection. His blend of Punk and high-end fashion is a beautiful thing that happens rarely in the industry. So many times more expensive brands appropriate the style of subcultures and sell them to rich people, and although Levy’s work is not cheap, it is authentic. Punk has had an influence in top end fashion ever since Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood launched their flagship SEX store in Britain during the 70’s. Enfants Riches Déprimé is worth checking out not only because Henry Levy is excellent but also because Punk, which has recently taken a back seat to Hip Hop as the cosmopolitan American Sub-Culture, is so raw and genuine that we can all take something away from its message.

Check them out at their Website.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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