Gucci Spring 2017 Collection is Everything You Want

Last week Gucci released their Spring 2017 menswear collection. The travel theme that Gucci has been using as a motif for the past few seasons continues into this season, but with a more rugged feel to it. They jump on the bandwagon of Rock appropriation, diverse colors, and eclectic imagery. They even brought back some vintage Gucci Logos, luxe leather jackets and tons of popular culture references. We see Donald Duck, Greek references, ancient Egypt, and even lobster embroidery in the collection.

Gucci’s spring garments feature a mashup of international patterns, fonts and iconography. Chinese, Greek, British and American motifs sit next to each other on the jackets, hoodies and T-shirts. The tiger, a seasonal favorite of the designer, returns in both it’s recognizable Gucci form and a more abstract iteration adorning a corduroy bomber embellished with detailed stitching and sequins.

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Though apparel items like the scribbled writing jeans and the pink Gucci logo sweatshirt will likely get a ton of attention, the bags and shoes are not to be ignored. Duffles get a “Neo-Vintage” update with a skull and crossbones added below Gucci’s logo, and the GG monogram backpack gets even more embroidery and patchwork decorations than last season. In the footwear department, Michele focuses on slippers both embroidered and in a more subdued black leather. A new white high-top sneaker also drops as a nod to the army of Gucci sneaker devotees that the brand has built over the past few seasons.

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Check out even more of Gucci’s expansive Spring/Summer 2017 collection on its official website and at the label’s stores all over the world.

This is a strong collection from Gucci, it brings out the best of the fashion house. They bend the rules of luxury fashion and continue to move their aesthetic forward. Although some of their styles and overall feel is somewhat a rip off of what is on trend right now in streetwear, I think they bring unique sense of luxury to the style that sets it apart.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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