GUCCI Channels the English 60’s Soul Movement

Over the past few seasons, GUCCI has proven itself as the house to beat in luxury once again. Their latest collection brought together perfectly the intersection between streetwear and luxury, appropriating it in a way that was both respectful and tasteful. Well, their latest campaign does a similar thing, but instead of streetwear, it brings the 60’s English soul movement. The campaign highlights its vibrant and eclectic 2017 pre-fall collection. Shot by GUCCI frequent Alessandro Michelle in collaboration with Glen Luchford in the famed Mildmay club. The colorful and iconic dancehall serves as the background of their latest project.

The shoot is inspired by dandyism and famed Malian artist Malick Sidibé’s portraits of youth culture. Furthermore, the campaign features an all-black cast, which showcases the latest move in Gucci’s push for diversity in fashion.

The collection is no doubt one that will turn heads no matter where you go. There are a number of pieces that would fit perfectly in an existing wardrobe and some of the whole outfits have the potential to work in the real world.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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