Let’s examine the growth of Urban Culture within Youth and Sports

During the past decade, the evolution of culture has begun its turn. The growth of social media has created a platform for the youth where they can express and create new fads and trends for everyone to see. Given the opportunity, individuals can create very unique ideas that leak into our everyday lives.

Urban culture has long been associated with youth. TV, movie, and music producers, as well as celebrities, frequently market their wares and ideas specifically to young people. Teens have always found sports appealing.

Today in sports, it has become a home to all forms of urban culture. Twitter has created a hotbed of culture where people from around the world can comment on the latest funny video, or even start a revolution.


Recently, Jordan Brand and Russell Westbrook have been taking full advantage of the culture shift and are turning this into a huge marketing opportunity. In mid-August, they released a unique ad just before the Thunder season opener vs. the 76ers. They dropped the “music video” for the Westbrook 2.0. It’s a video set to Lil Uzi Vert’s Do What I Want, a popular song in today’s urban culture, (which Westbrook has danced to on social media before) and has a bunch of the youth dancing, including Westbrook. Giving cause to say that urban culture has surely made an impact on society.

To gain notice and fans, athletes around the globe are also taking part in daily expressions of what the youth are creating. From the elaborate pre-game handshakes of LeBron and Kyrie, to the festive end zone celebrations.

Urban culture changes slightly for each generation, but its implications on society and athletics particularly, remain the same. The youth are always the source of cultural growth and give guidance from the inside to help them navigate it all. Youth leaders can be those guides and can influence technology, sports, and other popular culture ideas to help people consider where their place, fits in this world.

Ladi Akande

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