GQ names Drake and Future as the Most Stylish Men

What a time to be alive if you are Drake or Future because it seems they have the midas touch as it comes to making music. However, the “Jumpman” artists are being honored for something they are not often associated with, fashion. Drake and Future were both named by GQ as among the 13 most stylish men in the world, an honor that comes as a first for both artists.

Future was pronounced the “Lord of the Brim” as his iconic look has created many, so many, copycats as everyone wants to imitate the “Evol” rapper, whether they admit it or not. According to Marc Williamson, “they were definitely considered an old guy’s hat until Future started wearing them. Now we get plenty of calls from guys wanting the ‘Future hat.” So his social impact is pretty prevalent in the fashion world and the music world as so many Atlanta based rappers, including his long estranged brother Desiigner with “Panda”, are mumbling their way to the top of the charts, but that’s for another discussion.

Drake was tagged with the “stylish baller” look for his loose fitting clothes and his ability to mix comfortability, luxury, and streetwear in his everyday attire. The “Views” rapper’s run with Jordan Brand certainly helped as well, as his super-exclusive shoes create a frenzy within the sneakerhead community every time they release as everyone wants to get their hand on a pair, including myself. He recently opened up his flagship OVO store in Toronto during all star weekend and nearly everyday hundreds of Drake stans flood the store in search of the Toronto rapper’s apparel.

Odell Beckham, Lucky Blue Smith, and Ryan Reynolds are among some of the men included in this magazine.

Ramon Lyons

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