Gábor Kasza Encloses his Latest Project in Concrete

Artists are always looking for new ways to innovate the industry, well photographer Gábor Kasza is attempting to do that by opting to encompass his latest product in concrete instead of the traditional cardboard. The book entitled Concrete Passages About Closeness and Coldness… and a Couple of Songs. Kasza meticulously crafted a slipcase using actual concrete, mimicking the urban aesthetic that is ingrained in his super contrasted visuals.

“My decision to use real concrete as a material, that would be great to touch and to sense, turned out to be pretty tough,” Kasza professed in a statement. “It is almost impossible to make, but not completely. I had to learn to work with concrete, learn how it works, what its edges are.” For the project itself, Kasza explained that it is “a poetic photo series about relationships. It is as if we are strolling amongst the pieces of a contemporary opera set. Just, the stories take place in concrete spaces.”

Take a look at the gallery above and then head over to Indiegogo to learn more about the concrete photobook. Only 50 units will be made available if the campaign reaches its approximate $7,432 USD goal.



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