Take an In Depth look at Frank Ocean’s Zine ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

Here is a closer look into Frank Ocean’s elusive zine Boys Don’t Cry. By the way of Highsnobiety, we are able to take a detailed look at some of the artistry presented by Ocean. Coming alongside albums Endless and Blonde, this only continues to justify Oceans multi-year absences from the industry.

The designers behind the project, Zak Kyes and Grégory Ambos, when asked about working with Ocean said: “We knew it would happen – but we did not know when, or the extent that our work would be used. I think we were in the same position as a lot of people – like Wolfgang Tillmans who only found out that his track was used in its entirety when the album came out.”

The zine uses photos shot by Tillmans, Vivianne Sassen and illustrator Daniel David Freeman. The zine is largely photography based, focusing on Frank Ocean’s love of vintage cars and even features a poem by Kanye on Mcdonalds.

Take a look at some of the Zine images below and let us know what you think on Instagram.

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Jelani Arthur Williamson

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