FairPlay Brand Opens up to Nous Culture

FairPlay is taking the elitism out of fashion with contemporary looks produced from high quality garments. The brand draws influence from global communities of hip-hop, punk and hardcore, while blurring the lines between the high and low arts. Designer roots reach both coasts, inspired by sports and politics in Washington D.C., yet adapted to the iconoclastic shores of Huntington Beach, California, where FairPlay is currently based. Looks are tailored with a versatile persona in mind and whether a career is your priority or recreation is your passion, all is fair, so long as you treat others respectfully.


Nous Culture had the opportunity to speak with one of the founders of FairPlay, and he provided some insight on the brand. Read some of the Q&A below.

What does ‘Fair Play’ mean to you, what kind of message do you try to portray?

“Everything is fair game as long as you aren’t harming or diminishing anyone else. We don’t believe in categorizing people or expecting what or who a person should be. What makes us different as humans is also what makes us the same. No matter if you skateboard, sing, make art, play sports, work a 9 to 5, or work fast food, do your best at it and enjoy your life.”

What in culture inspires you? 

“Being from Washington, DC, I’ve been inspired by hardcore, punk, hip-hop, go-go, art (street and fine), politics, sports and the large amounts of overseas cultures that impact the city. I’m all about people that adapt to where they are, but never forget where they’re from. I wear DC on my sleeve!”

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs trying to achieve the success that you have seen?

“Just keep at it. Sometimes it gets tough and you don’t see the end of that tunnel, but that opening is there. Every conversation, interaction and move you make will eventually assist to get you where you want to go. Never burn bridges. It’s not a good look personally or professionally.”


For those who have never heard of Fair Play Brand, what should they know about you?

“We are a contemporary brand based in Huntington Beach, CA. Our mission is extremely simple; make great clothing that stands the test of time. We strive to make the highest quality garments, while holding a price point that’s obtainable to anyone. We want everyone to feel and look good when they leave their house. It’s time to take the elitism out of fashion.”

FairPlay supports an active lifestyle, offering contemporary, dynamic clothing at the right price. Their latest fall drop showcases a breadth of lightweight comfort, easy to wear yet sure to stand out. The subdued color scheme comes at the heels of an expansive first fall drop, with standouts in cargo overalls and hooded ponchos. Their latest take on joggers tailored for both men and women are soon-to-be classics just in time for the fall season. Styles are selling out quickly.

Check out FairPlay online for your next look!



Christian Vazquez