Ranking Drakes Albums from Worst to Best and What to Expect from Views

Drake has been in the limelight for much of his life. From Degrassi to his transformation into the 6 God, Drake has been successful onscreen as well as in the booth.

Friday, April 29, “Views from the Six” is dropping. Yes, “Views from the Six,” one of the most highly anticipated albums of the last two years will finally be released, and hopefully, through a medium that allows the masses to hear it.

It is no secret that opinions surrounding Drake’s artistry are polarized. So, in anticipation of the album, we put together our thoughts on Drake and his music. Here is what we had to say:

We went through all of Drake’s albums and ranked them from best to worst, so thank us later…:

6. So Far Gone


So Far Gone did not have much competition when it comes to the worst Drake album of all time. When we were in grade school and didn’t know how to ask out our crush, this was ideal. But this Album just doesn’t have the replay value of some of the others. I couldn’t tell you the last time I listened to any song on this album and I don’t see myself listening to “Successful” or “Houstatlantavegas” anytime soon.


5. Nothing Was the Same


This album is toss up for me, because on one hand it’s a really good album and on the other hand it is just worse than the others. I feel comfortable with NWTS in the no. 4 spot because the replay value of this album just isn’t that high. The amount of break-ups and good times that this album was there for during Summer 14’ is a testament to it’s versatility. Songs like the “The Language” and “The Motion ft Sampha” will be in my playlist in perpetuity.


4. Thank me Later


I really fell out of love with Thank me Later a few months after its release but the more time I give it the more it grows on me. This album has some really applicable situational songs that anyone can take advantage of. When you’re driving a girl to a first date and you’re not 100% sure what music she likes, this is a good bet but I wouldn’t listen to this walking down the street. “Karaoke” and “Over” however will be in my break up playlist until I’m in the ground.


3. What a Time to be Alive


The only reason this mixtape is not higher on this list is because it didn’t really feel like a drake album. It seemed to focus more on Future, which is never a bad thing, than on the 6 God. Objectively however, WATTBA was amazing, if you would have asked me if you could put a drake song like Scholarships next to a more Future sounding “Jumpman”, I would have told you that’s a playlist not an album. This served as a coming out party for Drake, showing the world that there is some toughness about him and he can turn up the bass just as well as he can falsetto.


2. If You’re Reading this its too Late


If You’re Reading this its too Late definitely packs the biggest punch of any drake album. Although there are questions on the consistency of this album, there are no questions on the quality of this album. From beginning to end, this album was full of bangers (except “Wednesday Night Interlude”) and the one-liner king destroyed this album.


1. Take Care

take care drake

If Drake were to retire tomorrow, what would his legacy be? Undoubtedly people would remember him for the emotion he brought to the rap/hip-Hop community and never has this been on display more than on Take Care. His output has been shockingly consistent, but it’s his second album Take Care that best reflects the sound of the Drake era.

What to Expect from Views From the 6:

We’ve been waiting for Views for months, especially after being teased January 6, January 16th, and then again at All Star Weekend. On Friday, it’s time for “Views From the 6.”

But the question on our minds is what will Drake’s style be like on Views? Was the more trap, upbeat vibe of WATTBA, simply a result of Future and Metro Boomin’s influence on the piece? Will Drake continue his Caribbean dance vibe style featured in Rihanna’s “Work,” and Drake’s own “One Dance? Or will it feature more of the reflecting, emotional Drake that we have all come to love and appreciate? Here’s our take:


The hip-hop industry has recently taken one hell of an evolution since Drake’s last solo mixtape: “If You’re Reading this it’s Too Late.” From the rise of trap artists such as Future and Young Thug to the progressive sounds of Travis Scott and Chance the Rapper, hip hop is no longer just a beat and verses. Now more than ever it takes artistry and an understanding of sound to stay on top and as one of hip hop’s biggest faces, Drake needs to progress hip hop music as a whole. He faces additional pressure to do this following Kanye’s “Life of Pablo,” and Kendrick’s Untitled releases, which both show a wide range of rap filled with different types of beats, flows, and an incredible amount of soul.

In the past couple of years, Drake has really honed in on pushing his own label, OVO sound, and signed many up and coming artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, Roy Woods, and P Reign. OVO, as a whole, features artists that have smooth flows with vocal range. Noah “40” Shebib, OVO’s main producer, has left his mark on the music industry with slower beats featuring many emotional piano rifts and a unique blend of acoustic and synthetic sounds. Drake recently stated that for “Views” he and 40 basically moved into the studio to work together. So we can expect that “OVO sound” we have come to love to be present on the album.


So, I’m expecting “Views From the 6,” to be a compilation of three different types of Drake. First, we’re going to hear reflective, introspective, smooth Drake. I’m guessing this will come in two versions. First, we’ll hear the mellow rapping Drake we heard in “30 for 30,” “Pound Cake/Paris Motion 2,”and “Over My Dead Body.” Then, we’ll hear the more emotional, singing Drake we loved in “Jungle,” “Now and Forever,” and “Shot For Me.” Expect about a third of the album to be of this nature.

The next category will be the upbeat, cocky, “I’m the best rapper in the game” Drake. These songs will feature beats with big bass, arrogant lyrics, and likely some catch phrase that we’ll see on social media everywhere within the next couple of weeks. Drake and Future going on a “Summer Sixteen” tour also raises the chances that this album features bangers. This is the Drake from “Back to Back,” “Big Rings,” and recently released, “Pop Style.” However, I only expect one or two of these songs due to a need to focus more on the third category, which I believe will make or break the album.

Drake needs to do something progressive. The third category on this album will be whatever sound Drake has been developing over the past couple of months with 40. Whether it’s the Caribbean dance vibe of “One Dance” or the smooth yet powerful sound heard in innovative tracks such as “Preach” and “Diamonds Dancing,” this is why I’m excited for “Views.” One possibility that I would love to hear is Drake taking a different approach to the style of Bryson Tiller’s “Trap Soul” or Tory Lanez’s “Cruel Intentions,” as both artists fluidly transition between singing and rapping in a powerful and brilliant way. Regardless, I’m sure the 6 God has something cooked up for us to enjoy.


Friday might not be an official Toronto holiday, but it might as well be. Give the album a listen on Apple Music Friday and feel free to let us know what you think on Twitter

Zachary Currie

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