Donald Glover’s Atlanta is more than a City

With the season finale of Atlanta last Tuesday, people are already ready for the second season. The creator Donald Glover, more affectionately known as Childish Gambino, introduced this show in the middle of this year. The show gained traction very quickly and became one of the most popular shows of the year. Its dynamic storyline and “unusual” characters keep the people’s interest. The premise of this show is far from anything television has seen before. Topics ranging from baby mama dynamics to poverty, Atlanta is one of the only mainstream shows that talks about taboo subjects through the eyes of the black community.

Atlanta’s eccentric situations, like someone having an invisible car, combined with its overlying themes of family, ambition, and working hard to make a better life allows the show to be easily loved. Watchers follow the solemn, yet sincere Earnest “Earn” Marks through his life trying to get his cousin Paper Boi’s rap career off the ground. Earn wants to not only help himself, but his daughter. Atlanta encapsulates the struggle of trying to get discovered as a rapper in a world where “everyone wanna be a rapper.” However, that isn’t what makes Atlanta great.

Atlanta’s mixture of reality, that exudes the “art represents life” feel, and oddities, that seem to make it unreal, combines for a weird show that keeps watchers wanting more. Earn is a normal black man in America who exudes intelligence, but is stuck in the working class trying to make a way. His disappointments and failures become our disappointments and failures. However, Earn’s goals and ambitions that keep him pushing forward create a love for him that fuels the audience to see him succeed. Atlanta takes risks, like the casual use of the n-word, that many other TV shows would never even think to record on camera. Atlanta’s ability to stay relevant, but still have the audience “shook” was the recipe for this TV show’s success.


Donald Glover just may have a hit on his hands, and Atlanta has already been scheduled for a second season. Even though this show is very different from Glover’s other shows, like Community, Atlanta’s success is wrapped in its uncanny ability to create the perfect mix of hilarity and realness. Glover deserves all of the praises and admiration that comes his way. I just hope that season two can deliver even more laughs and creativity.

Morgan Newell

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