Sit down with Derek Filipe of Lifted Anchors

Lifted Anchors is an inspiring and beautifully crafted clothing brand that is an essential for any man that considers himself stylish. Already a part of artists Fetty Wap, Future and Chris Brown’s style, Lifted Anchors is picking up steam in the fashion industry. Visionary Derek Felipe leads this company and combines the dark elegant style of the east coast with the fun laid back style of the west coast. Since the brand’s inception in 2011 it has led the urban fashion world in style and quality for the average streetwearer. When ordering your first piece from Lifted Anchors you will be shocked by the ‘Fear of God/ Yeezy Season’ quality of the product as well as how seamlessly it flows and fits to form. In an interview with Derek Felipe, CEO and founder of Lifted Anchors, he opens up a bit about the brand’s past and what exactly it stands for.

Talk to us a little bit about the starting of Lifted Anchors?
“My two best friends and I started out of a garage in Ontario, California making shirts to sell in order to fund our band. Initially the shirts sold out really quickly and our clothing was doing better than our actual band. Eventually the clothing took off locally and we thought we may have a future in the fashion industry. Then and even today all we want to do is provide really stylish clothes with awesome quality at a reasonable price point.”

So where are you from?
“Lifted Anchors originally hails from Ontario, California”

Picture3What does Lifted Anchors mean? “Its no accident that our Logo and initials are L. A., earlier I mentioned that we were originally based out of Ontario which is about an hour out of Los Angeles. Growing up, the city was always a beacon of hope, and getting to Los Angeles was always the goal. So with the name, an anchor is deadweight, and anchor is something meant to keep you stationary, so for Lifted anchors simply means that nothing is holding us back. Nothing is holding us back from being the best designers in the world, nothing is holding us back from providing our customers with the best quality around at prices that others simply cant compete with and nothing is held us back from getting to LA.”

What do you see in the future for L.A.
In the future I see our brand being a symbol for quality and style, in the future I just want to continue to grow and continue to learn. We will always be organic and true to that garage in Ontario. Even though celebrities wear our stuff, we make clothes for regular people, not celebrities.

For people who haven’t heard of Lifted Anchors, what should they know about your company?
“They should know that the quality and the prices are not matched, if you want our quality and aesthetic you can go to some of the bigger more expensive brands but you’re going to pay way more. If you want that look with that quality then were right there for you.

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Jelani Arthur Williamson