Dave Chappelle Does Set at Chance’s Open Mike Event

Chicago artists, and Complex rapper of the year, Chance the Rapper, held one of his Open Mike events Monday night (Jan. 30) in Chicago. The students in attendance were treated to a surprise set from comedian Dave Chappelle. The legendary comedian took questions from and spoke with the audience.

Chappelle encouraged the high schoolers to continue to seek expression and truth through art.

“I see you guys fighting through that and living the lives you want to live. It inspires me,” he says. The Open Mike events are held throughout Chicago to provide a platform for teenagers to speak, perform or showcase any talent.

Chappelle tells the audience that despite what fans believe, he’s never told it like it is, but only how it feels, and that he would advise them to do the same.

“We need young artists out there,” he says. “People know so much information now but they forget what things feel like. So the job of the artist is to remind them of themselves. Get ‘em thinking again, get ‘em feeling again.”

This is not the first time the audience at an Open Mike event was treated to a celebrity appearance. Last year Kanye West and Vic Mensa showed up to field questions and perform singles “U Mad” and “All Day”.

After Chappelle appeared on stage, Chance took the time to thank Dave publically as well as Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler and the cast of The New Edition Story for also stopping by.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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