The Chance x Childish Gambino EP, is Coming

In 2014, Childish Gambino hinted at the fact that Chance the Rapper and him were working on a collaborative project. The project has not really been referenced since, so fans assumed this was just another rumored prject that never came to fruition.

That was until Saturday when Chance went on reddit, amid the release of Chance’s third mixtape Coloring Book. A user asked him if the “Chance and Childish Gambino collab album/mixtape” still existed, Chance then simply replied, “Yes” with no further details.


Chano replied to nearly all the questions he was asked regarding Coloring Book. He stated that the mixtape will be everywhere for download in the next two weeks. Additionally, Chance promises a live tour soon; in response to a fan asking if he has any plans to tour, the rapper responded excitedly, “YES. SOON.”

By far the most exciting part of this reddit AMA, is the confirmation of the existence of the Chance x Childish collaboration project. We have been waiting patiently for Childish Gambino to release his next album and this news is like Christmas coming early.


Reasons for the delay are unknown, but Childish Gambino has gone on record saying that he is not happy that men in particular like Chano and not him. He is adamant about the fact the he put chance on, and that its ridiculous for men to “fuck with” Chance but say Childish makes music for women.

In any case, the worse thing that could possibly happen and the thing were afraid of is if Childish Gambino pulls a Frank Ocean and disappears.

Jelani Arthur Williamson

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