Celebrities that Fashionably Matter

Everybody knows that when Kanye West or Tinie Tempah step into the public eye there will be a large group of people scrutinizing what their wearing and an equally large group of people who run to boutiques in order to replicate it. What people wear is a huge window into what kind of people they are and understanding who wears what helps us with who we personally identify with most. Everybody knows to pay attention to what Justin Timberlake is wearing on the red carpet and what hat Pharrell is wearing in his latest music video, but what other celebrities have the ability to turn heads with their personal style?

Adam Levine Final PicAdam Levine

            Adam Levine has a very strong sense of style, one that most traditionally masculine people wish they had and one all women love.

ASAP Rocky PicASAP Rocky

            ASAP Rocky is where edgy meets classy. Never before have we seen someone wear gold grills and slim fit Italian suits and be universally considered stylish. Braids and Chelsea boots wouldn’t look good on anyone else, and because of that, ASAP is beacon of style for all spaces within the industry.

Travis Scott Final OicTravi$ Scott

            Complex named Travi$ Scott the most stylish male celebrity and although we may not completely agree with that, it’s undeniable that what he wears looks really good, and brings out a dark side of fashion that we all love.

Lucky Blue Smith PicLucky Blue Smith

            Lucky Blue Smith is a male model and actor for everyone who doesn’t know him and he is beautiful. I have no problem saying that he is beautiful and would describe his personal style as such. We don’t know what he does stylistically that makes his style so beautiful but one can’t deny that it is.

David Beckham Final PicDavid Beckham

            If David Beckham wore a navy suit every time he left the house, he would still be on this list. Beckham embodies class and unlike anyone else in sports or Hollywood no matter how traditional or simple his outfit is, it will still be stylish.

Russell Westbrook FinalRussell Westbrook

            Russell Westbrook’s style is a mystery to all of us, but that doesn’t stop TNT from showing his pregame outfits before every game. He never fails to inspire the “wow that looks really good on him but would look terrible on me” feeling every time.

Harry Style PicHarry Styles 

Harry Styles’ eclectic style brings out the best in all of us, even if we can’t stand his music. He always seems to make us feel as if he doesn’t care, and he is so effortlessly stylish and that’s something we can appreciate.

James Harden PicJames Harden

            Perhaps the most diverse person on this list because of his ability to don a clean suit look and in the next outing be seen in cowboy boots and a matching ten gallon hat. James Harden is just a stylish dude and we could all learn a lot from him in terms of looking good in things that are outside of our comfort zone.

Jaden Willow FinalJaden and Willow Smith

            The Smith children offer a style of the future, even if it isn’t what we will probably be wearing in the future; their style is still somehow transcendent. Not to mention, the gender neutrality of their style may be the wave of the future in high-end fashion.

Kendrick FinalKendrick Lamar

            Kendrick Lamar’s very simple and clean style brings us back to Los Angeles in the 90’s. Every time Kendrick steps out, we know he won’t be draped in Gucci like ASAP Rocky, but we want to see what memories he can jog with his retro style.

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp

            Completely on the other end from Kendrick Lamar and some of our other more traditionally stylish people, Johnny Depp will never fail to amaze his audience with his style. You’ll absolutely love or absolutely hate what he’s wearing every time but you will notice him regardless.

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