Apple Fails to Impress with the iPhone 7

It’s finally here! Apple’s iPhone 7, the 14th in the series, was unveiled yesterday but this iPhone seems to have incited more disappointment than excitement. With every iPhone, Apple brings something new, whether it be a new feature, a different style, or an innovative size. In some cases, users have to adjust and get used to these alterations, but in the end people still love their iPhones.


Since the passing of Steve Jobs, the visionary mindset of Apple seems to have faded a little. Changes have become increasingly less helpful to the consumer, but this one takes the cake. For some reason Apple decided to remove the headphone jack, which not many people can make sense off. Even if the new AirPods (pictured left) look amazing, the $160 price tag scares too many people off. nd even after spending hundreds of dollars on the best Bose, Beats, or Sony headphones that aren’t wireless, consumers are now presented with a smartphone that is incompatible. They did keep that in mind however, as Apple has created an external adaptor that comes with the purchase of the phone.

Nevertheless, there have been some helpful changes that have been overlooked due to the outrage over the headphone controversy. Most notably, Apple has finally caught up with Samsung in making a smartphone that is water resistant. Additionally, Apple has delivered a dual-lens camera as to take professional grade photos, an upgraded home button designed to give vibration feedback, increased battery life, and stereo style speakers.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.48.25 AM

Other than the changes listed above, the iPhone 7 looks as though it will be the same as it’s predecessor. What happened to the features that we all need this iPhone to have? Apple, we need group FaceTime, we need a battery that can handle all the snap stories, and a charger the doesn’t break every other month.

Some speculate that this is due to the fact that the 10th anniversary of the iPhone is next year, so Apple could be saving all of their surprises for then. Although the lack of a headphone jack has people losing their minds, we will all get over it, and get back to loving Apple after spending two weeks with the phone.

Zachary Currie

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