The 8 Best Sneakers Available for an Affordable Price

Websites spend a lot of time picking out the top shoes from around the world regardless of the price tag. Everyone appreciates the culture but some people don’t want to spend $1000 on the latest Jordan or Yeezy drop. You can be the freshest person in the room without having the most expensive outfit. Here is a list of affordable sneakers that will help you stand out without breaking the bank.

Adidas Stan Smith


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The Stan Smith came back a few years ago viciously, sweeping the nation on the feet of festival girls and university sorority stars. Well, if you get over that fact, the all black colorway goes with everything and can be worn anywhere. The sneaker is available on eBay for under $40 in some sizes and we know how hard it is to find an all-black sneaker.

Nike Cortez


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The Nike Cortez may be the only sneaker that can be worn to gang bang on the streets of Compton and worn in board rooms by top tech personalities. Actually, any sneaker can be worn in both places but the Cortez does it in style. This understated Nike classic is one of the most comfortable shoes you can own, and comes in enough colorways to fill any gap you have in your closet.

CDG Converse


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This sneaker has become a classic and should be a mainstay in everyone’s sneaker rotation. Even though the pricetag is a little steep for a sneaker considered cheap, the quality and brand power of CDG at this price is unmatched. Whether you choose black, white, low, or high this is a sneaker versatile enough to wear anywhere and can add some class to any rotation.

Vans Old Skool


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Grunge, chunky sneakers, and skate culture has been popular and will continue to be popular. There is no better way to pay homage than this classic vans silhouette. Journey’s has recently stocked some dope colorways of a style that can add some flavor to a wardrobe.

Saucony Shadow


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This sneaker has been around for decades and it is concerning that it hasn’t had the recognition of some of the other sneakers on this list. The Saucony Shadow is one of the best quality sneakers on the market and has been for while. Coming in a number of different materials and color combinations this sneaker can be whatever you want it to be.

New Balance 574


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The classic New Balance 574, as a D.C. native I would be remise to omit a pair of New Balance from this list and there is not one better than this silhouette. The suede 574 is as smooth as they come and the leather pair couples really nicely with a pair of jeans. This pair is flexible, affordable, and as comfortable as they come.

Nike air Max 1 Jewel


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The Nike Air Max 1 is a classic like many other son this list. The silhouette gives you a versatile subtle silhouette that can earn you respect in any sneaker crowd. While the jewel gives you a little pop that you normally wouldn’t have from the silhouette. Nike quietly re-released this sneaker last year and it is amazing that they are still in stores.

Pharrell Hu


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Everything Pharrell does turns to gold, and he has arguably had a bigger influence on the adidas bottom line than Kanye West. Everyone knows his popular Human Race NMD sneaker but this separate Human Race HU sneaker has the same look for a lot less. Right in time for summer, you can wear this sneaker on the boardwalk all day and to the club all night.

Jelani Arthur Williamson