Previous Playboy Bunnies Re-Create their Iconic Poses

Adult magazine company Playboy has always been a creator of art, but this time they did something spectacular. Playboy turned back the clock and brought back some of their most popular bunnies from the past. They had them perform the same poses that were so popular decades earlier.

The images tell the story of seven women who defy the stigma of aging women losing their vibrancy and spirit — they’re all proof that beauty remains well after being on the popular men’s interest publication. Those who appeared in the recreated covers include Cathy St. George (1982), Charlotte Kemp (1982), Monique St. Pierre (1979), Renee Tenison (1990), Candace Collins (1979), Lisa Matthews (1991), and Kimberly Conrad Hefner (1988).

Take a look at the before and after photos above and let us know your thoughts on today’s definition of beauty.

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