Everyone Needs To Visit 2 Chainz’ Pink Trap House

If you’re familiar with Atlanta, then you will be familiar with the various local attractions such as The High Museum, The World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park and Ponce City Market- just to name a few. But, 2 Chainz’s Pink Trap House serves as Atlanta’s newest landmark and attraction.

To help better promote his latest album, 2 Chainz brought his imagination to life as he and his design team physically created a pink trap house, mimicking his albums cover art. Having been a rental home before, 2 Chainz flipped the house turning it into the bright, hot pink house with the words TRAP painted across the top in bold black letters- which is located on 1530 Howell Mill Road.

The house was used to host the listening party for his latest album, “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” which was held last month on June 12th. Various artists showed support and attended the viewing party including Yung Joc, who is also from College Park, alongside other notable local rappers.

2 Chainz has redefined Atlanta’s idea of “ratchet” and “trap” as the Trap House has become a tourist attraction. Hundreds of fans have come to visit the Trap House ranging from dedicated hip-hop fans to sorority girls, using the scenery as a photo op as there is an Instagram page dedicated solely to posts taken at the site. Visitors can also pay $5 to go inside to view the hip-hop inspired art gallery as well as purchase the art.

The Trap House has been very successful and has become hip-hop’s first Atlanta monument which serves as a hub for the genres top talent.  We can’t forget about all of the talent to come out of the ATL, such as Gucci Mane, T.I., Ludacris and Lil Scrappy, the self proclaimed Prince of the South.

However there are a few flaws with the Trap House. Not everyone is completely happy about the idea of having a local “Trap House”,  there have been neighborhood complaints due to the fact that it tends to glorify illegal activities that partake in trap houses such as drug use and possession. There also was a vandalism incident that took place at the Trap House where the pink car outside of the home was vandalized after being smashed, which led to it being towed off the property due to safety reasons. 2 Chainz however, responded to this incident by replacing the pink clunker with a yellow Lamborghini and stating on an Instagram post “Here you go try not to fuc this one up guys okay.”

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the lanky wordsmith opened his “trap house” for free HIV testing from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. this past Fourth of July. The temporary HIV clinic, which was sponsored by the Fulton County Board of Health, Atlanta AIDS and Test Atlanta, also included games, education packets and giveaways.

This is just the second time Chainz has used his “trap house” in a new and unconventional way. This past Sunday (July 2), Chainz—whose Pretty Girls Like Trap Music debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart—turned the Pink Trap House into a “trap church” where community leaders gathered to encourage tenants of Atlanta to get involved with local organizations.

If you’ve been following rap, you probably already knew that trap houses are designated spots drug dealers have conventionally conducted their drug dealing operation. By transforming this rental home—which, of course, bears a strong resemblance to the pink trap house on his new album cover—into an HIV testing center, Chainz has sort of flipped conventions. Some people don’t think that’s enough to support something traditionally steeped in so much negativity.

Speaking with Fox 5 Atlanta, Greenforest Community Baptist Church Youth Pastor Al Hollie Jr. spoke out against Chainz’s Pink Trap House, which seems to grow more popular with each day.

“Much love to 2 Chainz, his movement and the culture, but if you’re taking photos in front of a trap house you haven’t seen the damage it can do to a community,” Hollie said. “The damage I’m talking about is broken homes, taking family members from each other, kids being taken away, fathers going to prison, children being born addicted to drugs.”

Demetra Zuras

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